Random Writing Thought: World Building

Hey Guys,

 I decided to add another new segment to my blog called Random Writing Thoughts. 

 You can probably already guess what the segment is all about so I'll just get right to it. :)

 Todays random writing thought is: 

 Why isn't your fantasy world tech savvy?

The fantasy genre is all about creating amazing new worlds, right? Well, have you ever noticed how each of these worlds lacks technology? They still use things like horses, swords, bows and arrows, all of that good stuff, and you're unlikely to see any of our everyday conveniences like cars and electric lights.

 For some reason, these worlds just haven't caught up.

 Now don't get me wrong. I love these kinds of worlds, but I think it's important from a writers perspective to understand why your world lacks that techno buzz we see in our own. Creating that why will make your world more real to your readers.

 So, what are the reasons a place might miss out on technological advances?

 Perhaps a lack of necessity for technology is the driving factor.   

 What could cause a lack of necessity that would limit or get rid of technological advancement?

  Well, your world could have magic. In which case most of the tech we use everyday would be pointless. (at least to magic users) Or the people of your world could have physical abilities that make tech unnecessary. (such as super strength or speed)

 What about possible stigmas?

 Maybe a religion or governing body forbids scientific advancement. 

  What if the people of your world live in a closed off environment where they already have everything they need to live their lives well. (think an island paradise or a village in the middle of a mountain range) In that case there would be no relevance for advanced technology. 

 Using any of these can add depth, and perhaps even conflict, to your story pulling your reader further into your world. 

 Thanks for joining me! As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts on today's topic.

 God Bless,